Runner-up quizzer of the year: Santino Semintal (Manteca, CA)
Quizzer of the year: Jordan Copeland (Buford, GA 1)
Runner-up coaches of the year: Bro and Sis Hodge (Lake Isabella, CA)
Coach of the year: Bro. Streevil (Columbus, IN)
Intermediate new team merit award: Calhoun, LA
Runner-up quizzer of the year: Hannah Cassaday
Intermediate quizzer of the year: Benjamin Copeland
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Top 4 Teams

RankTeamWinsLossesAvg PPG
1st"Columbus, IN"51170.00000
2nd"Manteca, CA"72170.55556
3rd"Buford, GA 1"42116.66667
4th"Alto, TX"42167.50000

Highest Scoring Individuals (top 3 from top 4 teams)

1st Highest - Andrea Grindle  "Alto, TX" (4th)  108.33333 ppg
1st Highest - Caleb Streeval  "Columbus, IN" (1st)  108.33333 ppg
2nd Highest - Santino Simental  "Manteca, CA" (2nd)  95.00000 ppg

All Tournament Team (all must have at least 2 wins)

1) Benjamin Copeland  "Buford, GA 2" (Tied 9th)  102.50000 ppg
2) Lacey Coker  "Tomball, TX/Oakdale, LA" (Tied 9th)  98.75000 ppg
3) Chris Elliott  "Concord, CA" (Tied 7th)  84.00000 ppg
4) Joseph Castro  "Concord, CA" (Tied 7th)  79.00000 ppg
5) Brooke Williams  "Calhoun, LA" (Tied 5th)  73.00000 ppg