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We had a wonderful tournament.  We had some new churches participating and  others that have quizzed for a number of years.  All the teams quizzed really well for a first tournament.  Most of the Jr. games were decided on the last question or two.
We had a wonderful devotion. 
The results are as follows:
Buford, Ga. 1 - 1st Exp. Div.,
Buford Ga.- 1st Int. Div.
Durham N.C. - 1st Jr. Div., 
Exp. Div. highest quizzer - Jordan Copeland - Buford, Ga. 1 -  128.3 average
2nd highest quizzer - Robert Gardner - Buford Ga. 2 - 114,
A.T.T. Laken Bailey - Buford, Ga. 1 and Bryan Palacios- Buford Ga.2
Int. Div. highest quizzer - Benjamin Copeland - Buford Ga. - 50.8
2nd highest quizzer - Aaron Palacios - Buford, Ga. 37.5,
A.T.T. Victoria Mcalpin and Andrea Farrel both from Memphis Tn.
Jr. Div. highest quizzer - Jayma Copeland - Buford, Ga.2 - 99
2nd highest quizzer - Allen Mullinax - Durham, N.C. - 90.8
A.T.T. - Zachary Kennedy - Buford, Ga. 1
Damian Reyna - Cumming, Ga.
Ashlyn Coffman - Memphis, Tn.
Ryan Woods - Durham, N.C.
Megan Stone - Oxford, Ms.

1st Place Exp. Team - Buford, GA 1

1st Place Int. Team - Buford, GA

1st Place Jr. Team - Durham, NC

Memphis, TN. Int. Team

Brother Barber giving devotion

Buford, GA. 2 Exp. Team

Cumming, GA coach and quizzer flashcarding in between quizzes

Ashton - Sr. quizzer from Memphis, TN. quoting Luke 5:31 for devotion

Durham, NC Jr. team praying during devotion

Exp. Div. A.T.T. Jordan Copeland, Robert Gardner, Laken Bailey and Bryan Palacios

Group picture - quizzers, coaches and officials

Int. A.T.T. - Benjamin Copeland & Aaron Palacios - Buford, GA, Sr. quizmaster Brother Preston Cremeans and Victoria Mcalpin & Andrea Farrell - Memphis, TN

Jordan Copeland - Just finished quoting Luke 5:32 for devotion

Brother Barber and Jr. A.T.T. - Zachary Kennedy, Jayma Copeland, Ryan Woods, Damian Reyna, Allen Mullinax, Megan Stone & Ashlyn Coffman

Famous Jr. Judges - Sister Gwen Cloutier - Durham, NC & Pastor Julio May - Memphis, TN

Buford, GA 2 - Jr. Team

Memphis, TN Jr. Team

Memphis, TN Jr. Team praying during devotion

Buford Quizzers praying during devotion

Memphis, TN Sr. Team praying during devotion

Oxford, MS. Jr. Team

Buford, GA Int. Team

Oxford, MS Jr. Team praying during devotion

Sr. division scorekeeper - Rebecca Dempsey with Int. quizzer Lauren Bailey

Buford, GA. 1 Exp. Team

Sister Barber - Jr. scorekeeper

Sr. quizmaster - Brother Preston Cremeans conferring with the judges